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Introduction to Franchise/Licensee Model

What is Franchising?

A “continuing relationship where the franchiser in return (for a consideration) provides licensed privilege to do business, with assistance in organizing, training etc”.

Who is Franchisor?

Owner of the franchised system has the know-how and owns the intellectual property rights of the concept and their trademark. They grant franchisees of its business model to third parties.

Who is a Franchisee / Licensee?

Franchisee/Licensee have been granted the right by the franchisor to carry on business using the franchisor’s know-how and brand name.

Benefits of Franchising

It is the world’s fastest growing lucrative form of business. Franchise business will be generating over an estimated $1 trillion globally (roughly equal to ten times the size of India’s current GDP).

India with its huge market and growing demand in all sectors of the economy, is an extremely attractive proposition.

Do Note:-

• 90% of the Franchise ventures worldwide succeed.

• 95% of the start-up businesses fail in the first 03 years.

The Opportunity

We provide you a low risk ‘Franchise Alternative’ with complete control of your business. Our unique concept is to enable individuals and firms to own and operate their own business with unparalleled support and access to our successfully proven business methodologies, technology platform & services.

Our Franchisee/Licensee have an edge in the market because all our partners undergo a rigorous orientation process, ensuring that they have requisite skills & background for recruitment in their preferred industry, sector. citi HR believes and promises in providing growth, profit with great opportunities to all our partners.

Should you be interested in taking up our franchise in your city, please touch base with Our Franchisee Cell  Click on this link.


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