Probation Period and Leave/Absentism

1: All employees will be governed by a six month Probation Period.

2: No employee will be given any leave other than WEEKLY OFF's during Probation Period

3: If any employee opts for  leave within this stipulated time the same month when the leave is opted will not be calculated for probation. (i.e. Suppose Mr Anil has joined on 1 st Aug 2011 his probation period ends on Feb 2012, now anil had opted for leave in the month of Oct 2011 then his probation extends to march 2012).

Notice Period

1. All employees need to give a notice period of 1 month or 1 month salary incase of immediate release  if he / she wants to resign from the job.

1.2. It will depend upon the Reporting Authority to release the employee before 1 month

Signin and Signout

1. All employees need to sign in the register within 9.45am and work till 7pm

1.1 If an employee leaves the office before 5.30pm from Monday till Friday and 3pm on Saturday he / she would be treated as Half day for the same day

DSR and Daily Reporting

1. All employees need to send the DSR with 7pm if there is a network problem prior approval needs to be taken.

1.1 If anyone fails to send the DSR anyday that day will be treated as absent which will affecting the probation and approval needs to be taken

Salary and Salary Slips

1. Hence forth the salary paid will be broken into three parts Basic + Conveyance + Performance Based Personal Pay. (Eg Mr X gets a Salary of 5000/= hence his salary Breakup would be 2500 + 500 + 2000)

1.1. You will receive the salary slips every month in your official Mail ID.

Performance Based Personal Pay (PBPP)

Performance based Personal Pay will be paid only if the employee achieves at least 50% of his/her target as per below noted Matrix.






Full + Incentive


    80% - 99%



    60% - 79%



  50% - 59%



    Less than 50%



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